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Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

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Are you starting to feel like it may be time to upgrade your home’s heating system?

There are a handful of different signs to look for to help you determine when is the right time to make this investment. However, you do not want to wait too long to upgrade your HVAC system because the rising costs of energy bills or repairs may be a lot for a homeowner to take on.

At VP&L Heating & Cooling, our heating system technicians want these homeowners to get the most out of their heating unit, whether it is through affordable repairs or upgrading the entire HVAC unit.

What is the age of your heating system?

Heating systems can generally last for 15 to 20 years before you may really see a decrease in the efficiency of the HVAC system. However, with regular inspections and proper maintenance, a heating and cooling system could last as long as 20 to 30 years. If your furnace or heater was in installed before you purchased your home, try to find the installation date to determine the age of the unit.

Is it costing you more to heat your home or business?

As your heating system ages, it will begin to run less efficiently through the natural wear and tear of the internal parts. You may even notice that the heating unit turns on more frequently just to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in an increase in your heating bills. It may be an excessive or consistent increase in the energy bills that may be a good sign that it is time to upgrade your HVAC unit.

How much are you spending in HVAC repairs?

Swapping out an air filter is one of the most affordable HVAC repairs one can do, but if your heating system needs frequent repairs or other mechanical equipment, the costs may add up rather quickly. If your system’s parts or equipment break down more frequently as the unit ages, than it may become more cost effective to invest in an entirely new heating unit. 

What noises does your heating system make?

When your heating system has begun making noises that you have never heard before, it may be time to replace your heating unit. Heating and cooling companies now tend to offer newer, more efficient HVAC systems that are much quieter than previous versions or products.

How is the air quality in your home or business?

Your home heating system should keep the air moisturized while minimizing the amount of dust particles circulating through the air. As the HVAC system ages, you may notice the air in your home feels drier than it had been before or that your home starts to seem dustier than normal. The simple solution may be to replace the air filter, but if the problem continues, the best option may be to replace the entire heating system.

If you believe it is time to upgrade your residential HVAC system or if you may be interested in any of our other heating and cooling system services, please contact our Grand Rapids HVAC contractors at (616) 531-4676. At VP&L Heating & Cooling, our experienced HVAC technicians want to make sure you are getting the most out of your home’s heating unit!

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