At VP&L Heating and Cooling, we maintain an excellence in installing and maintaining heating and cooling systems for clients throughout the Grand Rapids area. Our technicians are dedicated to helping clients create comfortable interior spaces for their residential and commercial spaces through proper heating and cooling systems.

Listed below are the residential and commercial heating and cooling system services offered by VP&L Heating and Cooling to our clients. If feel like your home or business could benefit from one of the listed services, please click on the service for more information. If you have any additional questions regarding any of our heating and cooling services, feel free to give us a call at (616) 531-4676.

Furnace Installation

Are you having trouble with your furnace or heating system not working properly? A regulated temperature for one’s residential or commercial building is essential for your comfort, especially during the winter months. Our furnace installation contractors are more than qualified to install your new furnace or heating system.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Have you been experiencing issues with your furnace or heating system in your residential or commercial space? Like all HVAC systems in your home, your heating system can play a major role in the comfort of your home. At VP&L Heating and Cooling, we offer furnace repair and maintenance services to help get your heating system running effectively and efficiently again!


Air Conditioning Installation

Are you in need of a quality air conditioning system? Is the air conditioning unit installed in your home or office not working properly? There are many elements to factor in when considering this type of investment for your home. Our air conditioning technicians specialize in residential and commercial cooling system installation services!

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Are you having issues with your cooling system? It may be due to some mechanical problems with your unit’s parts. Staying up to date with your air conditioning maintenance helps keep it running efficiently and effectively. This is why we recommend contacting our air conditioning technicians for regular maintenance checkups of your cooling system.


Boiler System Installation & Repair

If you have lived in Michigan for any length of time, you are aware that the winters can be harsh. As a result, one of the most important investments to take care of in your residential and commercial space is your boiler. At VP&L Heating and Cooling, our certified boiler system technicians are more than qualified to install your next boiler effectively and efficiently.

Heat Pumps

Depending on where you live, heat pumps are an adequate replacement for both your heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are most useful for people who live in mild climates. Our heat pump technicians can set you up with a heating system that will transfer heat throughout your residential or commercial building.

Mini Split Systems

Don’t have air ducts in your residential or commercial space? Mini split systems are very similar to traditional heat pumps. Mini split systems are great at regulating temperature in areas where it is impossible or difficult to connect to the main heating and cooling system via ductwork. Our certified mini split system technicians can determine if a mini split system is the right choice for you.

Air Rotation Units

Are you looking to replace the air rotation system in your warehouse or factory? At VP&L Heating and Cooling, our air rotation unit technicians have experience working with Grand Rapids business owners to determine the best air rotation system for their working spaces.

Makeup Air Units

Replenish the air supply in your commercial building with a reliable makeup air unit from VP&L Heating and Cooling. Specifically, makeup air units are ideal for places such as hospital operating rooms or restaurant kitchens. Any business that has to be conscious of their building’s air quality can benefit from our makeup air unit installation services.