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How Does Air Conditioning Humidity Affect my Home?

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When high amounts of water vapor are in the air, your home feels sticky and uncomfortable. However, if you think high humidity only affects your level of comfort, think again. If high humidity levels are left unchecked, they can have damaging effects on your home.

At VP&L Heating and Cooling, our residential and commercialair conditioning contractorscan help you improve the air quality in your home. Whether you need a repair to your air conditioning unit or a complete replacement, we have a variety of products to eliminate unwanted humidity.

Listed below are the ways humidity can cause issues within your home.

Mold and Mildew

Is the grout and tile in your bathroom covered with black mildew? Mildew loves to grow in the humid areas in your home. While mold and mildew are definitely an unsightly addition to your home’s decor, they can also decrease the air quality in your home. This can cause problems if either you or a family member has respiratory issues or a mold allergy.


Allergens are more common in high-humidity environments. For example, dust mitesproduce allergens that can cause sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and other bothersome symptoms. The higher the humidity, the more dust mite populations will grow in your mattress, blankets, and carpets.


Insects, such as Silverfish,are attracted to humid conditions in your home. Especially when the seasons turn, and it starts getting colder outside, the bugs will look for a nice humid place to nest for the winter. If you have an infestation in your home due to humidity, first call an exterminator, then call our cooling system contractors to make sure your unwelcome house guests don’t come back.

Doors and Windows

Sometimes, high levels of humidity can cause wood to expand and contract, making it difficult to close doors and windows. If this is a common occurrence in your home, it may be time to give our Grand Rapids air conditioning contractors a call. You could just sand down the doors that don’t fit anymore, but that doesn’t fix the underlying problem. At VP&L Heating and Cooling, we offer a variety of products to decrease your home’s humidity.

In addition to all the effects humidity can have on your home, your comfort is also worth something. For example, it can be hard to fall asleep during the summer months when the humidity level is too high. In many cases, high humidity levels can make your home’s temperature seem higher than it actually is. In general, it is always best to get the humidity in your house under control.

If you are interested in how we can reduce the humidity levels in your home or in any of our other cooling system services, call our Grand Rapids cooling system contractors at (616) 531-4676.At VP&L Heating and Cooling, we work hard to create a comfortable home environment for you and your family.

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