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How Do Commercial Make-up Air Units Work?

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If your business operations depend on bringing in fresh supplies of outdoor air, you probably have paid for commercial make-up air unit installation. However, do you know why these units are so effective? We believe it’s important for customers to understand how their heating and cooling appliances work for them. A better understanding of your commercial HVAC system can lead to better energy efficiency and smarter decisions.

How do make-up air units work?

Your make-up air unit will most likely be installed on the roof of your commercial building. However, they can also be installed in a mechanical room or wherever is most convenient.

Inside your rooftop HVAC unit will be a fan that draws in outside air. The outside air is then moved through metal ducts to enter your building. Commercial make-up air units can be equipped with heating and cooling systems so that the replacement air is at a comfortable indoor temperature for the people who work in your industrial building. For example, if it is summer, you’ll want the air to be cooled and dehumidified before it enters your building.

Once the air is pushed from the metal ducts into a hallway, it will create a positive pressure environment. This means that there will be so much air in the corridor that some of it will be trying to escape to relieve the pressure. This is why many doors for apartments and office suites have gaps—to let in replacement air.

Why is replacement air necessary?

Depending on your business operations, it may be legally necessary to install a quality make-up air unit in order to remain code-compliant. In this scenario, you would need to hire a licensed commercial make-up air unit installer. Rooms that require replacement air include hospital operating rooms and restaurant kitchens.

While restaurant kitchens need air to replace what’s lost through the kitchen exhaust system, operating rooms need replacement air to maintain a sterile environment. Rooftop make-up air units are also great for regulating the air quality of your commercial building.

Who benefits most from make-up air units?

Any business that can’t reuse their air supply is eligible for a commercial make-up air unit. For example, hospital operating rooms and restaurant kitchens are good examples of places that need replacement air. If you are unsure if you could benefit from a commercial make-up air unit, we recommend you consult with an experienced heating and cooling contractor.

Who do I call for commercial make-up air unit installation?

With any big heating and cooling job, it’s important that you contact a licensed HVAC professional. Make sure that you ask prospective HVAC contractors what experience they have with installing commercial make-up air units. Their references should not only be relevant to your job, but they should also be fairly recent so you are presented an accurate picture of the company’s capabilities.

If you are interested in our commercial make-up air unit installation service, please feel free to give our Grand Rapids heating and cooling technicians a call at (616) 531-4676. The commercial HVAC contractors at VP&L Heating and Cooling are dedicated toward helping commercial building owners make the most out of their cooling systems.

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