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Differences between Mini Split Systems and Other Heating Systems

Differences between Mini Split Systems and Other Heating Systems

We understand that picking the right heating or cooling system for your home can be a difficult decision. We hope our online guide to mini split systems will help you make an informed choice. For more information on mini split system installation, we recommend you reach out to a licensed heating and cooling contractor in your area.

Simple Installation

Compared with other residential heating systems, mini split systems are relatively easy for an experienced heating and cooling technician to install. The simple installation also means that less time is taken out of your busy schedule.

More Expensive

If you currently have a ducted heating and cooling system for your home, we recommend you stick with air ducts when it comes time for replacement. Mini split systems for an entire home can cost up to two to three times more than the installation for a ducted heating and cooling system.

Since mini split systems are expensive to install for an entire house, we recommend that you limit their use to a specific room or area in your home. For example, a newly remodeled attic bedroom might benefit greatly from a mini split system if it can’t be connected to your home’s original heating and cooling system.

No Energy Loss

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy up to 30% of energy loss happens in your air ducts? Since mini split systems are a ductless heating and cooling system, you don’t have to worry about losing energy (and money).

Takes Up Less Space

Unlike other heating systems, mini split systems are small and unobtrusive. Whether you want to mount the mini split system on your wall or have a free-standing unit tucked away in the corner, residential mini split systems offer flexible installation. A quality mini split system gives you more freedom with your interior design than traditional heating systems. After a while, most homeowners don’t even notice their mini split systems.

Temperature Zones

It’s not uncommon for families to fight over the thermostat settings. With a mini split system, each room is its own temperature zone. This means that if you prefer a lower temperature setting than your family members, you can set your own individual mini split system to the temperature you find most comfortable.

Perfect for New Room Additions

Have you recently added a new room to your home? If so, you may want to consider the advantages of ductless system installation. When a homeowner builds a new room addition to their house, it may be difficult or even impossible to connect it to the existing residential heating and cooling system.

In order to keep your new room at a comfortable indoor temperature, a mini split system is often the best choice. Mini split systems were designed to only heat and cool a single room, making them perfect for new room construction.

If you are interested in our mini split system installation service, please feel free to give our Grand Rapids heating technicians a call at (616) 531-4676. The Grand Rapids HVAC technicians at VP&L Heating and Cooling work hard to provide homeowners with the highest quality customer service.

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