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Air Rotation Units

Grand Rapids Air Rotation Units

Are you looking to replace the air rotation system in your warehouse or factory? At VP&L Heating and Cooling, our air rotation unit technicians have experience working with Grand Rapids business owners to determine the best air rotation system for their working spaces.

Industrial air rotation units are best for large commercial buildings that require air to be circulated. Specifically, this unit works best in expansive interior commercial spaces with high ceilings. For example, an interior space spanning more than 50,000 square feet is considered ideal for commercial air rotation units.

An air rotation unit is similar to the makeup air unit because of their shared commercial application. The only difference is that the air rotation unit recycles the same treated air over and over again, while the air makeup unit harvests fresh outdoor air for a more controlled environment. With an air rotation unit, you can expect to customize the air quality you want circulated in your commercial building. For example, you can control the temperature and humidity.

If you are interested in our commercial air rotation unit installation services for your business, feel free to call our Grand Rapids heating and cooling system contractors at (616) 531-4676. At VP&L Heating and Cooling, our HVAC technicians are dedicated to helping our residential and commercial clients make the best heating and cooling system decision for their home or business.

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