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5 Benefits of Warehouse Air Rotation Units

Grand Rapids, MI Air Rotation Units

Air rotation units are responsible for keeping warehouses and other industrial buildings evenly heated and cooled, despite wide open spaces and high ceilings. In fact, air rotation systems work best in facilities that are at least 50,000 square feet.

Not only do air rotation units help you save on heating and cooling, but they also improve work environments for your employees so they stay comfortable year-round. In this blog post, we will go over some of the benefits of commercial air rotation units so you can make an informed decision.

1. Even Temperature Distribution

Heat rises, which makes it difficult to keep buildings with high ceilings at a consistent temperature throughout. This can especially be a concern for warehouses that store products that are sensitive to slight temperature changes, such as food. However, air rotation systems are able to circulate air throughout your facility so hot air trapped along the ceiling gets redistributed.

Air turnover systems ensure heated and cooled air is distributed evenly throughout your facility from floor to ceiling. Otherwise, you could end up with heated air being trapped along high ceilings. With a warehouse air rotation unit, you are also able to precisely control temperature and humidity.

2. Comfortable Working Conditions

Employees aren’t happy when they have to work in a warehouse with cold spots. Air rotation units work by distributing air throughout the facility so that the temperature only varies by a degree or two at any height. After installing a warehouse air turnover system, your employees will appreciate working in a building that’s properly heated and cooled.

3. Affordable Installation and Maintenance Costs

Air rotation units and makeup air units are both responsible for keeping commercial buildings comfortable year-round. However, there are some key differences between the two that affect how they operate and the cost of installation and maintenance.

Air turnover systems are less expensive than makeup air systems to install because they don’t require ductwork. Air rotation unit maintenance is also more affordable because the service visits are conducted on the ground, not on the roof.

4. Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

While makeup air units bring in fresh air from outside, industrial air rotation units recycle the same air over and over again. Since it takes less energy to heat and cool indoor air, air rotation systems cost less to operate. In other words, the system circulates hot air trapped along the ceiling to provide heat near ground levels.

5. Quiet Operation

Air turnover systems are quiet, which make for a more peaceful workplace. Noisy industrial HVAC systems could drown out conversation, making it difficult for employees to communicate with each other. In certain types of facilities, not being able to communicate effectively could be hazardous and lead to accidents. A quiet heating and cooling system can make all the difference.

The commercial heating and cooling technicians at VP&L Heating and Cooling are dedicated to helping customers determine the right air rotation unit sizing as well as air rotation unit cost. If you are interested in learning more about air rotation system installation, give our Grand Rapids HVAC contractors a call at (616) 531-4676.

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